Life Roots Photography

Life Roots Photography

My name is Erin Leroux and I am your photographer!

I've had an interest in photography from an early age, but the thing that really intensified my interest was losing my mother at the age of sixteen.  I cherish every photo I have of her as each ignites a memory in living colour.  I know I will never have any more photos of her than I do now, and while some are definitely better than others, every one means the world to me.

On top of being a daughter, I am a wife and mother to two sweet girls.  I carry my camera with me everywhere I go, so I can capture those moments for my girls.  I want them to look back on their childhood and cherish all these memories in photos as well as in their hearts.

I am always expanding my knowledge and experience in photography through classes and workshops.  I feel that you can never stop learning, and that photography has infinite capacity for creativity.  I love to capture emotion to spark your memories and show the world the real you!

Erin Leroux

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